PawHut 18.5″ 5 Tier Hamster Cage with Tubes and Tunnels

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PawHut 18.5″ 5 Tier Hamster Cage with Tubes and Tunnels, Small Animal Cage, Rat Gerbil Cage with Water Bottle, Food Dish, Exercise Wheel, Blue

  • 5-Tier Design: Featuring toys galore, the hamster habitat contains tunneling, a wheel, ramps, and a hut. Spot your little guy mid-tube, mid-ladder, or catching a drink of water after the fun. This fun hamster cage provides not only a multi-story design but activities to enjoy.
  • Lightweight: This metal wire cage is easy to lift with light and carriable weight, eliminating oversized and bulky hamster cages.
  • Comfort: The wiring of this harm-free and safe pet cage eliminates pinching found in other wire cages. The hamster pen exceeds the ventilation you’ll find in wooden cages, letting tons of air in on all four sides for better airflow.
  • Needs are Already Met: This hamster enclosure includes a food bowl and a water fountain. Necessities are already accommodated. A detachable plastic tray allows quick cleaning
  • Small Animal Habitat Information: 18.5″ L x 11.75″ W x 23.25″ H (Without Tube and Water Bottle). Suitable for Smaller Hamsters and Gerbils (Not Larger Syrian Hamsters). Assembly Required.
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